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19, INFJ, lover of floral teacups, inking pens, drawing magical ladies and flowing hair. I know some French, follow people who inspire me, and like to make friends!

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Hey, folks! 
I'm just gonna follow up on the saga that is my wrist/hand/arm pain. I hadn't yet gotten around to it (or posting much of anything on here) due to the craziness that is picking up and moving across the country-- that's right, East Coast, you have now been graced with my presence ;) But now that I have some downtime before my 8 week courses start, I can at last sit down and explain to you dudes what the heck is going on with my super weird arm.
  For those who are new to the adventure that is Anne's weird arm pain, lets give a recap! 
   Originally when the pain started in my wrist way back in June 2015 (the year is there in case you're reading from the distant future), I figured I was just crocheting and drawing way too much, but as I continued not giving my poor arm a break, I realized that the pain radiated through my pinkie and ring fingers as well as up to my elbow on particularly bad days. I went to the doctors for it in August or September or something because I was fed up with it and I'm a procrastinator. I received a kind of quick diagnosis in which the doctor didn't do any imaging or anything, he just said I'd overworked it and it was probably Tendonitis (spoiler alert: it wasn't) and I should take it easy (translation: stop drawing/crocheting) for a while to let the swelling go down, and do lots of PT stuff like stretching and building muscle.
RECAP OVER. New stuff ahoy! 
Even when I came back to doing things, I still found drawing painful. I love drawing more than I like crocheting though, so I've kind of given up crocheting for as long as I need to to keep drawing so that I could use the time a day when my arm is not useless entirely for drawing.
After the pain continued and I found a weird lump in my wrist (I panicked a little) I was sent to a specialist who knew what was up with hands and arms and after MRI's that were incredibly uncomfy and a nerve test (electromyography) that involved needles (I'm phobic heh so I had to take a prescribed chill pill so as not to flail/faint lol)
The lump is nothing harmful so I can just let it chill, but it turns out one of my nerves is not working as it should. 
I have Cubital Tunnel syndrome that led to mild motor loss and some weird tingliness/inability to hold my pinkie still when I'm told to not let it move and they tug lightly on it.
Basically it means when I bend my elbow to draw, I am constricting the nerve there and causing the pain to radiate down to my fingers. 

This explained a lot actually, like why my left hand is slower when I play piano, or ever since I was in middle school I would wake up in the morning with my hand feeling as weak as a baby kitten (I sleep with my elbows tightly bent under me), why I've felt that my grip strength is trash. 
it means that it sucks. I can either get surgery to relocate the nerve and bury it under my skinny little arm's muscle once again OR i can leave it and pray it doesn't get worse and cause more motor loss than it has. 
Given the things that I am struggling to do like scooping ice-cream/drawing a lot/opening jars of peanut butter  and that the numbness will now wake me up from sleep. I might end up getting the surgery down the line, just because the only way I can avoid surgery is by "habit changing" and though I can get some fancy brace for my elbow when I sleep, I'm not about to stop drawing for the sake of some stupid nerve as I want drawing to be my occupation. 

WOW. this was long. But that's the dealeo! 
As for now, I'm just chillin with my gimpy elbow hah. Digital art has become my best friend because it can be colorful without causing me to make the same elbow-pinching strokes with a colored pencil 8000000 times haha. 
Hurray for single strokes of bold color! 

Hope you guys are having a good year so far!! Thanks for reading! 
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